Atelier Alkemi
Impressive, impressive!

Chen Gong is my new favorite DW character.

Practice with ink, markers, and shiny gel pens…which I forgot how to use. But whatever! It’s still Chen Gong! Better pictures to come when I’m not busy playing 8XL.


The joy upon hearing about the demise of your nemesis.

Super Fabulous White Mage

Ringabel from Bravely Default. Need I say more?

Shang Family Interaction

“Go do such and such.”
“Yes, Father.”

“Go help your brother.”
“Yes, Father.”


…is what usually happens at the Shang residence. Not as funny as it was in my head, now that I look at it. I just wanted an excuse to see what Shang Zhang’s design looked like in context.

Merry Christmas everyone!

It’s that time of year again. Happy Christmas, Merry Holidays, etc etc. Just thought I’d make use of my Christmas + Birthday present and actually get a seasonal picture in before the end of the year.

(Man, I haven’t seen or drawn these guys in ages. Good to know that they’re still hanging in there, even with my style shifting again.)

Did I tell you about…

…the time when my brother held off an entire army with only a handful of troops? Our army was tiny at the time, TINY! But thanks to Brother’s brilliant strategies, we burst through the front lines and captured the enemy main camp like it was nothing! And then there was the time when…
He’s talking about the battles in Dynasty Warriors Empires 7, of course.

Color test for Shang Zhi AKA Leslie, idiot brother of my newest RP character Meredith.

…Don’t hang around too long or he’ll talk until your ears fall off.

Painter’s Landscape

More Ma Dai!

I WAS gonna call it “Painter’s Fury” after his second Musou, but I’ll save that title for another picture.

The wallpaper quality version can be found here at my dA page.

You shouldn’t worry about this loss.

There was nothing you could do.

So yeah, guess who my favorite Dynasty Warriors character is. And it’s especially fitting since he uses a brush as a weapon.

I have Shin Sangoku Musou and Dynasty Warriors 4 lying around somewhere, but Dynasty Warriors 7 is technically the first game I’ve played in the series. Good thing, too, since Ma Dai wasn’t playable in the others. I finished Story Mode, so now it’s all about Ma Dai in Conquest Mode!

Me Neither

Yep, I’ve been playing Catherine lately. Vincent bugs out literally every five seconds in story cutscenes and hardly anyone else notices!

….Katherine really scares the hell outta me, though. On the 5th night now, so no spoilers!

So long, WKC

On June 18th, the online service for White Knight Chronicles was discontinued. I’ll never forget all the wonderful people I met in the game’s last few weeks—it won’t be the same without you! Testaments forever!

(Yeah, yeah, so what if it’s a little late. Need to get back into the habit of quick sketching.)

That’d be TOO easy.


This is what happens when you have the Wizard’s Edition of the game.

…he wouldn’t be able to cast it, anyway.

Fairyground Follies

Uh…. I… er….

I’m seriously afraid to continue past this point.

Cocoon isn’t THAT bad of a place.


So, finally got a PS3 and decided to start with FFXIII. I’d heard a lot of complaints about the gameplay and the story, but still wanted to see it for myself. Just got to the Archylte Steppe and I have to say…

This game really doesn’t deserve all the hate it gets.

I won’t get too much into the details until I actually finish the game, but here are my thoughts so far:

- The environments are GORGEOUS. I don’t know if I’m biased because this is my first PS3 game, but everything looks amazing—so much detail without any lag or slowdown. Linearity be damned, I’m too busy stopping every five minutes to stare at the backgrounds. My favorite areas so far: Lake Bresha, Bodhum, Palumpolum, and the Sunleth Waterscape.

- Hamauzu-sama’s done it again! I haven’t stopped listening to the soundtrack since I started playing. March of the Dreadnoughts is my favorite song, hands down. And I still can’t believe that Blinded by Light is the regular battle music.

- FINALLY a game where the villain doesn’t show up every five minutes just to taunt you. That just annoys the hell out of me, especially in a certain terrible storyline *coughWhiteKnightChroniclescough*. I’ve always preferred character-driven stories anyway.

- I actually like the cast of characters. Hope doesn’t bother me, but Snow is pretty whiny. Nomura didn’t royally screw up the character designs for one thing. It’s pretty obvious who my favorite character is, though.

The game isn’t perfect, but I haven’t encountered anything horrible enough to make me stop playing. I’ll cover the specifics in later posts.

On Antagonist Theme Songs
Villains. Rivals. Antagonists. Baddies. Call them what you will, but they definitely won’t be joining the main party. Any antagonist worth his or her salt needs to have an epic theme song and there are tons out there. I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda tired of hearing overly-dramatic orchestral numbers…so here’s a list of baddie theme songs that come in more unusual flavors.

Bandiger’s Theme - Love Mania - Thousand Arms

If it’s Three People… - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Elvis PALB_3106 (:Appearance) - Wild ARMs 5

The Theme of Chester - Ys: The Oath in Felghana

Warrior’s Whistle - Wild ARMs Alter Code: F

Just You and Me (and Ted E. Bear) - Sam and Max Season One, Episode Three: The Mole, The Mob, and the Meatball

And my personal favorite…

Booby Trap - SaGa Frontier
On Arrangements Part 2
More examples of arrangements that have been done correctly!

Besaid Island

The original: calm and serene. The arrangement: playful and energetic. Is this really the same song? The original melody is cleverly hidden in the piano version, prominent enough to qualify as an arrangement, yet subtle enough to create a completely new song. If you listen carefully, you hear the essential parts from the original—the piano, the ocarina, the bass line—all combined into a single flowing phrase.

Attic Archive

Again, we have a case where the arranged song is pretty much the same as the original version. But there is one really important difference between the two: sound quality. To be honest, I didn’t like the original version of the song because the steady tempo and synthesized instruments made it sound so flat and monotonous.

I completely changed my mind about this song once I heard the orchestral arrangement, though (Orchestral, or string quartet and piano?). No more fake oboe or English horn or whatever the hell it’s supposed to be. The gentle pizzicato and piano evoke the sense of curiosity you’d feel while exploring the titular attic. Also, the violin’s subtle variations in tempo and expression bring the main melody to life, succeeding where the original failed.

Mysterious Forest

I’ve been disappointed by lots of vocal remixes lately. Either too much time is spent writing horrible Engrish lyrics or the arrangers rely on the singer’s star power alone to sell the song. Not to mention that I can’t stand the sound of most vocals in the first place, especially female vocals.

And then there’s this arrangement. A voice sings the main melody, but you can’t quite make out her words. I’m not even sure what language this song is in since no lyrics were provided in the liner notes…but it doesn’t really matter. You still feel the sadness and desperation in her tone of voice, the uneasiness from the mysterious male voice and the strong bass and percussion. (And if you’ve played Suikoden, you can imagine the Elves singing this song after a certain event.)

(P.S. If you know what language this song is in, please let me know! It’s been bugging me for ages.)